Curvy Chart

This is basically the Editors Note

Flaunt Your Curves

 This is a Full body Pic of models flaunting their curves. Meant to give our models as much exposure as possible.

Honor My Curves

 This is a current issue that is affecting the Plus community and the Editor just rants about it. Majorly it will be part of the #Tellittuesday issues or part of the #PlusCampaigns that we will be introducing.

In Your Dreams

 This is a sexy pic of a plus model, not necessarily a Full body pic. It is focused to show the sexy bit of the model. Meant to give our models as much exposure as possible.

Body Love

It’s a simple article to talk about body love and way to appreciate it.

Haute / Fab on the Web

 This will be our take to show people what’s trending on net and where we think you should shop.

+FL (Plus Fashion Love)

 where exclusive fashion become inclusive – This will be our themed fashion spread. It will mostly be sexy and more revealing. More out there and focused to show models, we can go the extra mile.

I’m major/ The Mogul

 This is an interview with women in power in our society. It’s focused to make close our identity with the women in power and the ruling status.

I’m major- In my Bag

This is just after the interview to show the other side of their life. It’s a segment where they highlight what they can’t do without on a daily.

Breaking the Barrier

This is an interview with women who are breaking the cocoons in their respectively industry. It will focus with trending people and making words across town and the nation.

Steal my Look / Get the Look

 This is an interview, fashion interview with a fashionista either plus size or small size telling us what he/she wore.

+ Blogger style

This is an interview, fashion interview with a plus size blogger.

Beauty Bar / Make up for Ever – Beauty tips, what to apply and Where to get them.

City Chic

This will be an urban chic rant while she is highlighting issues and gossip. It’s more of a Kilimani mums gossip story. Interesting girl talk.

The Passport

 This will be a sex talk story, sex life and advice.

Curves on Trend / Pic Perfect

 This is the second Fashion spread. This will be mostly commercial. Sponsored by Fashion houses, and will be much descent. (Like what we did the first issue with Vivo)

XXL, Xtra Xtra Lit (Cover Story)

Depending with the topic of choice.

From county…with Love

This is a pic column where we pic models from other counties. It’s more of an exposure column. This is focused to push us across borders and get more models to work with us.

My Plus Story

It’s a deep confession story with a plus model getting us through her journey. It’s to encourage more people to break the stigma and speak out. Hopefully we can help more other people to help the affected people.

Breaking the bud

 This are models to watch. Might be plus or not. It’s focused to make us appear caring.

Style with no Size / Plus with no Limits

 This is an interview with a Designer, or any artist- Be it an actor, comedian, singer etc.

Ship Shape

This is a fitness piece. Talks about Fitness.

The Conversation

 In this column we will be having a highlight talk with a specialist on Health issues of anything we fill is a miss.

Street Files/ Fashion Stand out

This will be the event coverage pages